• Belting
  • Power Transmission Belts

    High Horsepower
    Synchronous Belts -Extends the
    Synchronous Belt Application Range
    Accu-Link Adjustable V-Belts - Ideal Replacement or Substitute for
    Conventional Rubber V-Belts

    Urethane Power Transmission Belts

    Uniflex Belts - Ideal for High Stress and
    High Load Demand Situations
    Open End Belts - Ideal for Linear
    Drive and Indexing Applications
    Polyurethane Timing Belts - Designed for
    Power Transmissions and Linear Positioning

    Industrial Hose and Couplings

    Hoses - An Array of Industrial Hose
    Suitable for a Variety of General or
    Very Specific Applications
    Couplings - Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel,
    Plastic, Nylon, Bronze and Ductile Iron Materials

    Related Industrial Solutions

    Pulleys, Sheaves and Bushings -
    For Light Duty, Conventional and
    High-Capacity Applications
    Belt Drives - Unique Constructions,
    Made to Fit Your Application
    Skirtboard Rubber - Abrasion and
    Weather Resistant for Tough Applications

    Custom Products

    Elastomer and Rubber Shapes
    Industrial Hose
    Timing Belts, English Pitch
    Timing Belts, Metric Pitch
    Timing Pulleys, English Pitch

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