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RELIABLE BEARING CO. LTD. is a leading distributor of power transmission and related products in Canada and has been serving the Canadian industry for 25 years.

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, we currently stock a wide array of bearings, roller chains, sprockets, belts, pulleys, lubricants, power transmission products as well as a full line of our own CROMSON brand of abrasives, cutting tools, hand tools, material handling and safety equipment to keep your plant running smoothly. We're proud of our dedicated team of over 25 industry professionals that work hard every day to bring new and innovative solutions to our customers.

RELIABLE BEARING CO. LTD. is a member of two valuable organizations within the Power Transmission industry:

- Affiliated Distributors is a network of Canadian owned distributors specializing in bearings and power transmission products as well as industrial supplies.

- Power Transmission Distributors Association is a trade association representing over 200 power transmission distributors with approximately 3,000 locations throughout North America and other countries. PTDA's mission is to strengthen its members to be successful and competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.
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